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Group study reservations are also available via CSUMB Library Mobile
Library group study rooms are available for use by CSUMB students only.
First, select a Floor at left to view available rooms.
Click on a room number to view its weekly availability and further details.
To make a reservation click on a link labeled "Available".
Use your OtterID and Password when asked to login.
2 or more people must be present to use a group study room.
There is a 2-hour limit for each group per day unless no other groups are scheduled.
Reserved rooms not occupied by 5 minutes past the hour become available for use by any group.

What's Available Right Now?

Wednesday 04 March 2015

Current system time is 2:58 PM

Room NumberAvailable Now 2:58 PMAvailable Next Hour 3:00 PM
Room 1109 (via Cafe) (Seats 6) BOOKED Available
Room 1134 (Seats 4) BOOKED BOOKED
Room 1135 (Seats 4) BOOKED BOOKED
Room 1136 (Seats 4) BOOKED BOOKED
Room 1138 (Seats 6) Available BOOKED
Room 1139 (Seats 6) Available BOOKED
Room 2107 (Seats 6) Available Available
Room 2109 (Seats 6) BOOKED Available
Room 2113 (Seats 4) Available Available
Room 3102 (Quiet Area) (Seats 6) Available Available
Room 3103 (Quiet Area) (Seats 12) BOOKED Available
Room 3106 (Quiet Area) (Seats 4) Available Available
Room 3108 (Quiet Area) (Seats 6) BOOKED BOOKED
Room 3109 (Quiet Area) (Seats 6) BOOKED BOOKED
Room 3110 (Quiet Area) (Seats 6) Available BOOKED

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