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2nd Floor - Room 2107

Seats up to 6 people
Laptop hookup to TV/monitor, DVD/VHS player, check out whiteboard pens at Circulation Desk

Current system time is 3:18 PM

Time:Mon May 06 Tue May 07 Wed May 08 Thu May 09 Fri May 10 Sat May 11 Sun May 12
08:00AM geology.n.l
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Leticia CHHS
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
10:00AM kin 420 Miranda study wideman Miranda vickee HDEV 342
Library Closed
11:00AM kin 420 Miranda raquel Miranda Miranda HDEV 342 WOLFPACK
12:00PM The Otters :) SPAN 302 LS 380 Betsi Miranda HDEV paper WOLFPACK
01:00PM The Otters :) Capstone - Water City LS 380 Betsi 302 HDEV paper
Library Closed
02:00PM chem Capstone - Water City 302
Library Closed
302 Hailee Miller Chem 111 310 Powerpoint/Paper
03:00PM chem Unique 302
Library Closed
God help us Hailee Miller Chem 111 BUS 310 powerpoint and paper
04:00PM chem CHHS 302 FINALS_Prep
Library Closed
when will it end? QWERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Veronica/leighann
05:00PM Chemmmmmistry Ayyy! CHHS 302 FINALS_Prep TESTING! Love it! HAO BIO Crunch Time
06:00PM Chemicals and such BSU cabinet BUS 451 TESTING! are we there yet? HAO BIO Veronica /leighann
07:00PM Kristina Saich BSU Cabinet BUS 451 Fuzzy Bunnies
Library Closed
Library Closed
Jessica Jimenez
08:00PM Kristina Saich
Library Closed
FRANKENBUTT Fuzzy Bunnies 302 Maddison Gagnier Rebecca Brown
09:00PM D solorio FRANKENSTEIN modeling 302 Maddison Gagnier Rebecca Brown
10:00PM D solorio Frankendank modeling
Library Closed
Please? Gotta study
11:00PM Study Smegma Bergnasty
Library Closed
Library Closed
:( Why not?

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