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2nd Floor - Room 2107

Seats up to 6 people
Laptop hookup to TV/monitor, DVD/VHS player, check out whiteboard pens at Circulation Desk

Current system time is 2:35 PM

Time:Thu May 09 Fri May 10 Sat May 11 Sun May 12 Mon May 13 Tue May 14 Wed May 15
Leticia CHHS
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
GIS371 Jessica Capstone
10:00AM Miranda vickee HDEV 342
Library Closed
Soils-Pea Plant Growth Rate GIS371 NHS Capstone
11:00AM Miranda Miranda HDEV 342 WOLFPACK Soils-Pea Plant Growth Rate GIS371 NHS Capstone
12:00PM Betsi Miranda HDEV paper WOLFPACK CAPSTONE GIS371 NHS
01:00PM Betsi 302 HDEV paper
Library Closed
Available (25 min. left)
302 Hailee Miller Chem 111 310 Powerpoint/Paper A & P review SEXY PANTS NHS
Library Closed
God help us Hailee Miller Chem 111 BUS 310 powerpoint and paper A & P review Last study room!!! GO OTTERS #NOLIFE BUS 310
Library Closed
when will it end? QWERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Veronica/leighann Szykowny, ENVS300 Sunset Inn Hdev
05:00PM TESTING! Love it! HAO BIO Crunch Time WOLFPACK Sunset Inn hdev
06:00PM TESTING! are we there yet? HAO BIO Veronica /leighann Team Reese's capstone presentation
Library Closed
07:00PM Fuzzy Bunnies
Library Closed
Library Closed
Jessica Jimenez Team Reese's hell ya.... nope physics Study
08:00PM Fuzzy Bunnies 302 Maddison Gagnier Rebecca Brown introduction to spongebob foggy daze Studdy
09:00PM modeling 302 Maddison Gagnier Rebecca Brown Krusty Crab Pizzzzza foggy daze
Library Closed
10:00PM modeling
Library Closed
Please? Gotta study Happy time sessions foggy daze
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
:( Why not? spongebob party foggy daze
Library Closed

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