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3rd Floor - Room 3102 (Quiet Area)

Seats up to 6 people
Laptop hookup to TV/monitor, DVD/VHS player, check out whiteboard pens at Circulation Desk

Current system time is 2:10 PM

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Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
BIO 360
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Library Closed
Bio 360
Library Closed
Library Closed
10:00AM BIO 345 EXAM STUDY Homework Mireyaaa Theta Alpha Sigma Study Hall CAPSTONE
Library Closed
Library Closed
11:00AM BIO 345 EXAM STUDY Homework Sotheby's Theta Alpha Sigma Study Hall CAPSTONE
Library Closed
Library Closed
bus 311 311 Theta Alpha Sigma Study Hall Capstone Kin370 final Span 102
01:00PM MAR&B and Shaba Shaba Shaq 311 Sotheby's TAS :) Capstone Kin 370 final Span 102
02:00PM MAR&B and Shaba Shaba Shaq bus311 bus 311 TAS :) Bus 310 group Yorbelid We here trying to pass some math, yo Spanish 201
03:00PM Ls environmental science
Library Closed
BUS 425 Bus 310 Rachel No one here wants to fail bro Connor Leary
04:00PM Ls 308 saldfj BUS 425 Bus310 Group Trying to graduate tho Connor Leary
05:00PM ENVS 308 Marcos Katie Bus 310 Rachel Trying to graduate tho bus 310
06:00PM ENVS nisha Marcos 306 BUS 310 Jiwon YOLO BIO bus 310
07:00PM get your own nisha Katie 306 math 130 / chem 111 STATS MAKES ME CRY Math 170
08:00PM Ugh Chem environmental science Katie Bus 322 math 130 chem 111 Ishtar Math 170
09:00PM Me again environmental science Lauren 306 Aaron Vargas Ishtar Ishtar
Library Closed
10:00PM CHEM Sarah L Amy Katy S Ishtar
Library Closed
11:00PM CHEM chem Amy Finals!!
Library Closed
Library Closed

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